The lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games continues to reveal different documents. This time, Xbox’s views on The Last of Us 2 emerged.

The Last of Us Part II, published by Sony and developed by Naughty Dog, was a controversial game that was released last year. Although it divided people into two in terms of scenario, it was really very successful in terms of gameplay.

After the release of the game, we learned the opinions of all players and media organizations about the game. However, we do not know how the Xbox, PlayStation’s rival, interpreted this game. Of course, the comments of such competitors are largely unknown. However, due to the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple, many documents have started to come to light. The last document also revealed the views of several key Xbox personnel on the game.

Employees according to the documents; He loved the dialogues, the presentation of the game, the sounds and the acting. However, the war parts of the game have been seriously criticized. In criticism, “Naughty Dog still can’t do the gunfight part of his games properly. It pushes the player to go undercover. This situation fortunately fits the theme of the game.” he is writing.

The weapon switching mechanics were also a bit criticized, but in general, very few studios were said to have the talent and money to make this kind of game.


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