A new Lenovo device leaks that promises a two-touch screen laptop.

Many ask the question of where to invest their money: a laptop or a digital tablet? This depends on many things, including ease of transportation or even ease of use. At Lenovo they have the Yoga family that has the best of both worlds: a folding body that makes it a versatile device and power worthy of a laptop. But the firm has already prepared an interesting product that is a Lenovo Yoga with screens inside.

This is the new member of the Lenovo family

Lenovo is one of the most interesting hardware companies when it comes to buying a tablet or laptop device. One of the most interesting families is Yoga, which features a laptop with which you can work directly on the screen. In addition, its flexibility makes it a versatile device and adapts to all work or leisure conditions.

But the new Lenovo Yoga has been leaked, at least in terms of design and some important features such as the operating system. Let’s leave the latter for last and focus on its design. The truth is that it meets all the requirements of the Yoga family thanks to its 360-degree hinge. This allows you to place the screens in the position you want from putting them together to close the device to causing the covers to crash.

And yes, you read correctly, the new Yoga will have two screens. Both will be tactile to offer all the capabilities to the user. They become as fast a screen and keyboard as a dual screen with two workspaces. Apparently in the images, it will have a minijack input, which appears to be a USB C and two side buttons that could well be those of volume control such as those that integrate the tablets.

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One of the first to use Windows 10X

We said that we were going to leave a detail for the end and it is none other than the operating system. The truth is that there is not much surprise since this range has worked with Microsoft in all its variants, but with the arrival of the two screens a variant is required. According to MSPowerUser, this is none other than Windows 10X, the version of the operating system for dual-screen devices that will be available in the next Microsoft devices.


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