As technology develops, television models gain different features and designs. The user who wants to buy the best television model; Dozens of features might find it difficult to choose from hundreds of televisions. One of the most common features when purchasing a television is the screen features. Especially in televisions called LED, OLED or LCD, it is necessary to know what these technological names mean. If you want to choose the best television option for you, you can examine the features of these technologies.



What Does LED TV Mean?

LED televisions use LED technology as a light source. In this technology, which is used as a backlighting device, light is sent through LEDs for each pixel on the screen. The biggest advantage of such televisions for the users is that they offer lighting specifically for black areas. LED TV models with higher contrast ratio make the images on the screen more vivid, clear and smooth.

While previously LED TV models were produced only with edge lighting, today the entire back panel is covered with LED lights. Thus, the images are made more saturated and full. Television brands provide high image quality with the latest technology image quality and LED lighting lights.

What Does LCD TV Mean?

LCD TV models have an older technology compared to LED TVs. Actually, all technologies such as LED and OLED originated from LCD TV. Light sources often vary in these products. The light source of LCD TV is conventional CCFL. Products with this type of technology show a working performance depending on the liquid crystal molecules. Molecules come into play with electrical energy and adjust the light transitions accordingly.

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Standing out with their slimness, LCD TV models increase viewing pleasure as they offer high resolution images. These products, which do not make a difference in appearance, especially when viewed closely and from a distance, aim to give the same result in every environment. The only downside of such televisions is that they can create blur on the screen when there are very fast images and rapid scene transitions. This may cause you to encounter various problems while watching television.

What Does OLED TV Mean?

One of the newest versions of LED TV technology, OLED TV models. This technology, which can be called organic LED TV, is used by major electronic brands. These products, which can offer better image quality compared to other technologies, draw attention with their lower power consumption. This reflects positively on both your electricity bills and nature.

OLED TVs, which can be more expensive than televisions with other technologies, provide a thousand times faster image transition than standard backlight LED and LCD TVs. OLED technology, which minimizes the risk of blurring, allows you to watch your content with much more detailed images. OLEDs that show blacks in full black and whites in full white; It helps you to perceive the differences in the images more clearly with more color variety.

Which Technology Should Be Preferred?

Since many different technologies have been produced, buyers often may not know which technology to choose. At this stage, firstly, the current budget should be calculated and options should be determined according to the budget.

If you are going to buy a television for your home and plan to use it for a long time, you can choose better technologies such as LED and OLED. If you are going to buy a television for your workplace or other living spaces and do not expect a very high performance and image quality, you can choose LCD TV models. Although there are various differences between technologies, clearer images can be obtained by eliminating the deficiencies with additional features.


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