South Korean Hollywood actor Lee Ki Hong recently signed a contract with a Korean agency, SARAM Entertainment.

On Monday (15/06), SARAM Entertainment issued a statement regarding the actor who was already under the auspices of the agency.

“Lee Ki Hong left a lasting impression through the film series ‘Maze Runner’ and is known as a Korean-American actor who will help lead the future of Hollywood. He has built a solid filmography and has grown so much as an actor, and we will not hold back our support for him so that he can excel, not only in Korea, but in Asia as a whole. ”

Lee Ki Hong himself has been known publicly with his role as Minho in the film series ‘Maze Runner’. In addition, the actor also made his appearance in the Korean project through the film ‘The Major’ in 2017.

Saram Entertainment itself houses various actors and actresses such as Byun Yo Han, Lee Je Hoon, Honey Lee, Jo Jin Woong, Gong Myung, Kwon Yool, Yoon Kye Sang, Sooyoung Girls’ Generation, Han Ye Ri, and many others.

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