Senior ballad singer, Lee Sun Hee has returned to the South Korean music industry with the release of the latest song.

Lee Sun Hee is a famous ballad singer who debuted in 1984 with a song called ‘To J’.

On Monday (6/15) at 6:00 PM KST, Lee Sun Hee released her new music video entitled ‘Anbu’.

‘Anbu’ is the title song of Lee Sun Hee’s latest album, which contains an encouraging message in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lee Sun Hee wrote the lyrics of the song and Chanyeol wrote the rap lyrics he brought.

Although Lee Sun Hee had previously collaborated with other musicians such as Tiger JK and Kanto, this was the first time that Lee Sun Hee collaborated with a K-Pop idol.

You can listen to beautiful music from Lee Sun Hee and Chanyeol through the following ‘Anbu’ music video!


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