The popular horror game Left 4 Dead 2, which was released for the first time in 2009, was claimed to receive a major update by the end of the year. It is said that with the update, the ‘The Last Stand’ section in the original Left 4 Dead will be added to the game.

Washington-based video game developer Valve launched Left 4 Dead 2, one of the best examples of zombie-type video games, in 2009 exactly 11 years ago. The popular game, which was once a legend, is still attracting great attention by nostalgia lovers today.

According to the latest news, the popular game will take one of the most difficult episodes in the original Left 4 Dead game. The source of the allegations comes from a video shared by YouTuber Tyler McVicker. According to McVicker, the community members of the game have discovered new closed private servers with maps that are not included in Left 4 Dead 2.

The ‘The Last Stand’ section can be added to Left 4 Dead 2:

The lists on these servers point to the ‘The Last Stand’ section, a mini-plug in the original Left 4 Dead, released in November 2008. The main goal in this section, which has a single map called ‘Lighthouse’, is to survive as long as possible against the endless zombie hordes with your friends. The department also has the slogan “It Doesn’t End Well”. This slogan reflects the fact that all survivors will eventually die.

Hidden servers run this map, which is password protected and inaccessible to normal players, and YouTuber said, and more than 17 people were playing it at once. McVicker also notes that the map later left Left 4 Dead 2 is hidden from the in-game server browser.

According to YouTuber, Left 4 Dead 2 is expected to receive a major content update by the end of the year. At this point, we will not know if these claims are true until an official statement from Valve is received. Nevertheless, a popular game like Left 4 Dead 2 received a new update 11 years after its release may increase players’ interest in the series again.


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