Taken without hesitation, the best brand of a period, Nokia is looking for different ways to return to life. Nokia, which collapsed with Android, tried to come back to life with Microsoft, but entered Android with HMD Global. However, it is already too late.



Unable to reach the sales figures like in the old days, Nokia started to re-launch its legendary models. While the Nokia 3310 was launched to the market after being renewed, the 8810 and 6300 came out with an updated design. This time, it is getting ready to appear with the 3650 model.

The Nokia 3650, which was a remarkable model 18 years ago, had a 2.1 inch TFT display with a resolution of 176 x 208 pixels. The model, which incorporated the VGA camera, offered a long life with an 850 mAh battery.

It is not yet known how the smartphone will be ready for sale again, but LetsGoDigital has already made a very successful design. In this design, which can be an example for HMD Global, the round key design that makes the model legendary is not abandoned. The vibrant colors of the new Nokia are not forgotten either.

We don’t know yet what the real model will look like, but Nokia’s efforts to resurrect the dead are admirable, as they are constantly going back to the past.


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