Crypto strategist Angelo, who builds a following as a top trader on the popular Bitcoin and crypto exchange BitMEX, says he has accumulated Dogecoin (DOGE) and Litecoin (LTC). The successful trader also shares his predictions for 2 altcoin projects.

Angelo: I’m officially a DOGE bag holder! The goal is $ 1…

In his new analysis, the veteran trader known as “Angelo” in the market says he has saved Dogecoin (DOGE) to his 232,700 followers. Also, Angelo adds that his target for the altcoin price is $ 1. Angelo says on the subject:

I am officially a DOGE bag holder. Goal: 1 dollar… Liquidation Price: 0 dollar… Game plan: Go back to 1 trade.

According to his tweets, Angelo dropped over $ 8.28 million in Dogecoin holdings. However, the analyst says paper loss is not really a concern. Angelo says on the subject:

I’m not worried at all. I’m professional underwater.

Angelo: We are witnessing that DOGE has become the currency of the internet
It started as a joke, DOGE is now developing a niche and clear use case in the cryptocurrency industry, according to the analyst. Angelo says on the subject:

I’m officially a Dogecoin maximalist. We are witnessing that DOGE has become the currency of the internet. You must admit, it was programmed for $ 1… DOGE continues to bring financial freedom to the masses. If you are against it, this is your problem, not ours.

Angelo: See you at $ 400 for Litecoin price

As for Litecoin, Angelo believes he is ready to earn over 30% in the short term from the current price of the Bitcoin fork at $ 270. Angelo says on the subject:

Today is a great day to be tall and strong. It’s also a great day to market to buy more Litecoin. See you at $ 400.

Here are the successful predictions of the famous whale Angelo

One of the most successful BitMEX traders, Angelo correctly predicted that Bitcoin would drop to $ 6,500 in November. In addition, the giant whale warned investors against shorting “the best performing asset of the decade” despite Bitcoin’s immense price performance in recent years and correctly predicted the $ 1,000 drop (May 22). The BTC price dropped from $ 9,800 during the day to $ 8,800 on May 21 due to fear of Satoshi’s comeback.

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