Leitz Phone 1 News: After a long adventure with Huawei, Leica, which has entered into a long-term cooperation with the Sharp Aquos R6, is finally launching its own smartphone. Announced at a press conference in Tokyo earlier today, the Leitz Phone 1 is the first mobile phone to carry Leica’s own brand. Although camera maker Leica hasn’t announced that the Leitz Phone 1 is actually a refurbished Sharp Aquos R6, the phones seem very similar to each other. However, in its press conference, Leica emphasizes the perception of “the real Leica camera experience” and reveals this with its user interface.




Named after Leica’s original branding, the Leitz Phone 1 shares a similar design language with its iconic cameras and features a Leica Red Dot inscription on the back. It also comes with a magnetic circular lens hood. However, instead of a leather-backed design, the device has a matte black glass cover that matches the “Leica silver” metallic body. In addition, we are faced with a phone with a thickness of 9.5 mm and a weight of 212. It also allows you to protect the back with the bag supplied with the phone.

When we look at the other technical specifications, like the Aquos R6, the Leitz Phone 1 has an f/1.9 main camera. For a revolution in mobile cameras, this 1-inch sensor has a resolution of 20 megapixels and has a 12.6 megapixel camera on the front. Its 6.6-inch IGZO OLED display offers a resolution of 2,730 x 1,260, as well as a variable screen refresh rate of 240Hz (it uses 120Hz to reduce motion blur). In addition, the model powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship processor and 12 GB of RAM has 256 GB of storage, twice the Aquos R6, and you can expand the memory up to 1 TB via microSD card. It also has a huge 5,000mAh battery and IP68 dust/water resistance certification.

Leitz Phone 1 comes with Android 11 with a user interface customized by Leica. On the camera side, as expected, the brand offers a lot of customization, and offers a “Leitz Looks” mode to take black and white photos that should make Leica fans happy. Other than that, according to the screenshots shown in the keynote, the interface looks largely like stock Android.

For now, the Leitz Phone 1 will be a Japan-exclusive phone and retails for 187,920YEN or about $1,700. Pre-orders will begin on June 18 and the phone will go on sale in late July.

Finally, the first look video of the phone, which was unveiled after the launch, was also shared from an account via Twitter:


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