One of the biggest influencers of digital platforms showed her most serious facet in her fight for a cause that benefits many young people.

Recognized on social media for her witty videos, Lele Pons is one of the most influential people today. But there is not always laughter behind her publications since recently the artist confessed that she suffers from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and Tourette syndrome.

In a trailer for her new series that will premiere on YouTube Premium on May 19, Pons openly shows how she struggles with a strong anxiety disorder and how this affects her life 24/7.

“I was embarrassed for a long time to have OCD, Tourette syndrome and other conditions, but eventually I realized that I had to tell the truth to face life in the healthiest way possible,” says Influencer.

The Secret Life of Lele Pons is a documentary that tells the story of the singer from a more serious side than she appears on her networks. Her father Luis Pons, a therapist and people very close to her tell how this situation has affected her and everything she has done to stay in the entertainment industry despite her mental conditions.

Until now, the Influencer has only shown videos about bulky situations, falls, relationships, friendships and her transformation from introverted girl to female entrepreneur. Without a doubt, this audiovisual project will reveal the singer’s most vulnerable side and a face never seen before in her personal life.

In addition, Pons hopes that her docu-reality will help other people who suffer the same conditions or who simply feel identified with it so that they do not feel alone in the process they go through, just as she did with her first book Surviving High School ( Surviving high school), which talks about the bullying situations that lived in the school.


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