Together with the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro game phone, it feeds the great hopes of the users. According to a new information, this phone does not get hot!



It would not be a lie to say that the Lenovo side has increased the hopes of its users with the Legion 2 Pro. This phone is spoken almost everywhere. Apart from the Snapdragon 888 chipset that it will use in the device, it seems that there will be an event with its front camera! We have received new information for this device that pushes the boundaries in every sense. This device will use an unprecedented cooling technology. The name of that technology is as follows: Dual Fan Liquid Cooling Technology.


What is Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Dual Fan Liquid Cooling Technology?

We know how great a job Xiaomi has done in terms of cooling phones. In fact, the Mi 11 Ultra blazed a trail by using a 3-phase cooling technology, including solid, liquid and gas. This time, the stage is Lenovo! The Legion 2 Pro will use liquid cooling along with a pair of turbofan inside. This will make it the first device to use dual fan liquid cooling technology in the world! A lot of space must have been used for this system integrated into the device.

Lenovo will introduce this device on April 8, and until that day, we come across up-to-date and great new features that we envy every time. I would like to remind you the technical features of this device that we all await with curiosity:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset
  • 16GB Ram and up to 512GB storage space
  • 6.92 inch Full HD + AMOLED display (144Hz screen and 720Hz touch layer refresh rate)
  • 5500mAh sized 90W fast charging battery (Lenovo claims that this battery will have 85% life even after 1200 charges)
  • In addition to the 44MP front camera, the 64MP rear main camera can shoot 4K
  • 120fps and 8K 30fps video in 1 / 1.32 inch sensor size
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The device, which is expected to compete with the Xiaomi Black Shark 4 and Asus ROG Phone 5, performs better than the Xiaomi device in some aspects and the Asus device in some respects.


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