Details about Lenovo’s player phone, the Lenovo Legion 2, have been revealed. This phone will burn out sockets with 130W fast charging.


The player phone glut continues at full speed. After the Asus Rog Phone 5 with 18 GB of RAM, eyes turned to Lenovo. New details came about Lenovo Legion 2, which is expected to be introduced soon. This time, the leak is that the processor and cooling system, as well as fast charging technology, will blow the phone away.

According to the information conveyed; The phone will have a full 130W fast charging support. These charges will be divided into 65W + 65W. So you will need to use two cables to quickly charge the phone. We know that 120W fast charging takes about 15 minutes to fully charge. 130W fast charging is expected to fully charge the phone in as little as 10 minutes.

It is also said that Lenovo will use two batteries in the phone for battery safety. Thanks to the divided batteries, the charging time of the phone will also be shortened and will have a longer life. Now let’s get to the hardware side of the phone.

Like the 2021 flagship models, this model will feature Qualcomm’s eight-core Snapdragon 888 chipset. On the RAM side, we will see a maximum of 16 GB of RAM. Let’s mention that we see 18 GB of RAM with the Asus Rog Phone 5.

Speaking of Snapdragon 888, this chipset will not be like other flagships. The company will cool this chipset with special cooling systems. Thanks to these cooling systems, which will be activated automatically, there will be neither a loss of performance in long-term games nor a problem of fast battery consumption due to overheating.

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Why these cooling systems in player phones are not used in normal phones is a big curiosity. We hope we will see these systems on normal phones as soon as possible.

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