Lenovo will work with Dolby to improve audio quality for video conferencing.Today, due to pandemic conditions, the business sector has adapted to working at home.

However, most tech giants are in an intense competition to develop video conferencing software that delivers the highest quality audio and video. In this context, Lenovo decided to cooperate with Dolby to improve sound quality in terms of hardware.

If you attended a remote meeting or lecture during the pandemic period, one of the obvious problems you notice is that the sound quality in conversations can often be poor regardless of the speed of your internet connection. Although this situation is not always experienced, there is always the potential to be. Either the other person’s voice reaches you in low quality during the conversation, or your voice does not reach the other participants at a clear level while you are speaking. No matter how much the software used for the situation expressed as low quality is improved, there is a need for a different hardware after a while. Lenovo also acted towards this need.

Lenovo computers with Dolby Voice technology; It will increase the quality of transmitted sound with features such as dynamic sound balancing, noise canceling, healthy sound amplification. At the same time, you will be able to hear much better quality sound with Dolby Atmos speaker support.

Finally, let’s mention that Dolby collaboration will take place in Lenovo’s renewed product lines.


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