With its 12-inch e-ink display on the back, the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus allows you to use many applications to suit the monochrome experience and to read digital books.

Following the introduction of the colorful electronic screen tablet model of the TCL brand, Lenovo also introduced its second generation e-ink screen laptop. Lenovo ThinkBook Plus focuses on productivity with its second display.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus features and price
The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus laptop model stands out with its 12-inch e-ink chromatic display on the cover. Many applications such as Microsoft Office and Chrome can be run on this screen. The stylus also makes it easy to take notes.

It is also ideal for being an e-book. In this way, you do not have to rotate the screen like two-in-one laptop models, and when you turn off the device, an e-book reader emerges.

The laptop model with a 13.3 inch main screen offering a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels is powered by eleventh generation Intel processors. The system was supported with SSDs up to 1TB and RAM options up to 16GB.

The laptop, which has a usage time of up to 15 hours, can go up to 24 hours with only the e-ink screen. The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus, which features Intel Xe graphics, WiFi 6, 2W stereo Harman Kardon speakers, 2 Thunderbolt 4 compatible USB Type-C inputs, has a starting price of $ 1549.


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