The LG should change the strategy of their phone lines this year. The company, which has already introduced the V60 ThinQ as its top of the line, would have decided to cut costs and include slightly less powerful hardware in the G9 ThinQ, say sources on the website .

The device, which is expected to be launched in March, according to the publication, would reach more than $ 1,000 abroad, according to an assessment by LG itself. The company believes that, for this price, the consumer would prefer Apple or Samsung devices .

To reach a larger market, the South Korean can use the Snapdragon 765G, placing the device in the category of premium intermediaries. There is no information about the possible price, but it could be something in the range of the Nokia 8 .3 5G, which costs € 599 (about R $ 3,300). To do this, further cuts in device costs can also be made, but it is unclear exactly what they would be.

Even with the intermediate chipset , the G9 ThinQ would not owe much to the high-end smartphones, while competing in price with much more affordable devices. The Snapdragon 765G has support for the 5G, is manufactured with a 7 nm process and has an eight-core processor with Kryo 475 architecture and Adreno 620 graphics chip. .

  • In January, alleged renderings of the device were released, with a headphone jack and quad rear camera.
  • LG may introduce the G9 ThinQ as early as March, via internet transmission, but there is no confirmation yet.


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