The LG brand is canceling its extended-screen smartphone project, where it has been conducting R&D activities for a while. It will only produce 100 thousand units and shelve the project.

Recently, the interest in foldable screen smartphones has been increasing and manufacturers are trying to find the most ideal with different expandable screen concepts. However, there are also those who quit studies due to the high cost.

LG expandable phone model cancel
LG has been working on foldable screen smartphones for a long time. It introduced its concept, which has an expandable screen as well as its standard folding style, at the CES 2021 fair. News came that this concept was canceled.

In the expandable screen concept, one part of the phone remains fixed, while the other part expands by pulling and a larger screen emerges. This concept, which is considered to be more efficient, is also developed by companies such as Samsung and TLC.

LG was working with BOE for the concept, but it is stated that the mobile department left the costly projects aside because they could not make any profit. According to sources, the development costs of a foldable display concept go up to $ 10 million. In this regard, LG will make a total production of around 100 thousand volumes and then the project will be shelved. It is not known what kind of marketing the amount produced will be subject to.

After LG’s decision, it is stated that BOE will calculate the costs and close the book with LG. LG has also canceled the concept of two foldable phones, with the exception of the expandable screen. A related possibility might be to focus on Apple’s screen tender for a possible foldable iPhone model rather than LG’s developing a phone.


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