LG offered its employees in South Korea the right to purchase Velvet 2 Pro and Rollable exclusively.

While LG bid farewell to the smartphone market, consumers were not able to see the brand’s Velvet 2 Pro and LG Rollable devices. While the company is still known to produce a limited number of phones, a user named @FrontTron shared that LG employees in South Korea have a special opportunity to purchase one of the unreleased devices.

Pricing and quantity details on the LG Rollable have not been disclosed, but there is solid information about the Velvet 2 Pro. According to the leak, LG is offering its employees an offer of about 3,000 units at $ 170 per device. Employees are also not allowed to purchase more than two devices, which are strictly prohibited for resale. The devices will be eligible for a 6-month hardware warranty or the warranty will be valid until the parts are finished. As you can imagine, the devices will not receive any software updates.

Black, bronze and ivory color options are available for the Velvet 2 Pro. It is possible to see the back of the ivory white model in the posts. The design is very similar to the first generation Velvet with a triple camera setup. On the other hand, the lenses seem to protrude a little more in this version. The phone is also said to have pressure sensitive volume and power buttons.


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