Notebooks are being sold with thinner and lighter designs day by day; LG Gram 16, which rivals the Apple MacBook, went on sale.

Today, laptop computers have replaced desktop computers. The laptops, which offer transportation and easy use, meet the requests of all users for gaming and business purposes. Laptops have reached a level that can compete with desktop computers in terms of performance with high hardware features. Although the LG Gram 16 is not the world’s lightest 16-inch computer, it will rival the Apple MacBook with its features.

LG Gram 16 laptop features

The computer has an 11th Generation Intel Core processor. It has a 16-inch screen with 2560 x 1600 pixels and a camera on the front. It also has 8 GB LPDDR4X-4266 MHz RAM. There is a second slot where you can increase the RAM capacity of the computer. It has 256 GB SSD on it, it also has an M.2 slot in which you can install an additional SSD. The laptop, which has a very stylish design, draws attention with its thin and light structure. It can compete with the 16-inch Honor MagicBook Pro and Apple MacBook Pro 16 on the market in terms of lightness. The computer only weighs 1.19 kg.

The sale price of the computer is estimated to be $ 1970. The computer, which has powerful hardware despite its thin and light design, draws attention with its stylish design. The computer, which is expected to offer a performance close to high-end laptops in the market, can be preferred especially by users who are gaming and graphic designers.


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