LG has officially announced that it will finally bid farewell to the smartphone industry.After months of claims, LG made the expected statement.

Accordingly, LG is officially saying goodbye to the smartphone industry. Calling the smartphone industry “incredibly competitive,” the company will continue to sell its current inventory of its devices and then focus on other businesses such as electric vehicle components, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence, and B2B solutions. In addition, LG shares that it will continue to develop mobile technologies such as 6G.

While the company has been struggling seriously in the smartphone industry in recent years, it has not neglected to offer many innovative products. The LG G3 was the first phone with a QHD display, and in 2014 it featured laser autofocus. Also in 2014 was the G Flex, which features a curved screen that can literally stretch. Later, the G Flex 2 featured a flagship processor and a hard-to-break screen, along with a coating to heal scratches on its plastic body.

The LG G5 did not become very popular, but attracted attention with its modular design and accessories. The LG V10, a phone with a second, smaller display at the top for shortcuts, notifications, and more, has also managed to stand out. Unique features like these disappeared in the V30 when LG started making longer phones.

LG will bid farewell to the industry on July 31. It is stated that some existing models will still be sold after this date.


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