LG, a manufacturer of advanced display panels, is working on foldable displays for Apple’s future foldable iPhone models.

As you know, LG’s future in the smartphone market is uncertain. However, this is not the end for R&D. A report from Taiwanese DigiTimes reveals that Apple wants to break out of Samsung’s hegemony to develop an OLED display for a foldable iPhone for LG Display.

Other sources in the industry reveal that LG’s display panel manufacturing and development facilities currently only work for Apple. In this case, it shows that Apple will also join the foldable smartphone rush.

In a different report this week, it was written that Apple was working on a foldable phone that will come with Apple Pencil support in 2023. However, it should not be forgotten; There is a 4-year loss after companies like Huawei and Samsung. At this point, there are those who think that the company lags behind, and those who argue that a seamless design is expected.

Finally, it should be noted that Apple has recently filed a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office called “Camera Systems for Foldable Devices”.


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