With the new year, LG will launch 8K QNED TVs with Mini-LED screens.LG announced that the QNED Mini-LED TVs will be launched at the virtual CES 2021 event this year.

The next generation televisions will be the South Korean tech giant’s first consumer-focused Mini-LED TV series and will be available in various sizes and resolutions up to 86 inches and 8K respectively. In addition, with the new screen technology, Quantum Dot and LG’s NanoCell technologies will be combined. Thus, when QNED Mini-LED TVs are officially launched at CES 2021, they will be the company’s most premium TV series available for users.

QNED Mini-LED TV uses Mini-LED technology with a light source with 30,000 small LEDs illuminating the screen. As we mentioned above, Mini-LED technology combines with a Quantum Dot layer and the company’s proprietary NanoCell technology. With this merger, LG aims to surpass OLED technology and offer a superior viewing experience that exceeds what OLED can do.

In the QNED TV series, 10 televisions with resolutions ranging from Ultra-HD to 8K and up to 86 inches in size will be introduced. LG also reports that the TV series will support refresh rates of up to 120 Hz, have a native dimming zone of up to 2500, and will support HDR video playback. The company will be showcasing its 86-inch 8K QNED TV for the first time at the CES 2021 event, which starts on January 11 and is available online. This television can be described as the flagship of the series.

Finally, it should be noted that Mini-LED technology is based on LCD displays and is expected to serve as an alternative to OLED technology, which is currently the most superior among the mass market options.


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