LG, whose name is known for its difficulties lately, made a critical decision. According to some reports, the LG phone is quitting its job!


LG has been seeking customers for a while to sell its smartphone department, and after failing to convince the latest TCL, it decided to shut down. According to the rumors we received, the company is serious in this decision and plans to announce it to the public on Monday. What about the phones on the market right now? Will employees be fired? The answers to these questions are in the continuation of our news.


LG Stops Producing Smartphones! How Will The Process Proceed?

The company, which was one of the top 5 smartphone manufacturers in the world at the time, decided to withdraw from the market because it could not satisfy users. The brand, which could not reach the sales figures it wanted since 2015, could not recover itself. Consequently, he decided to close the smartphone department. What about now? Will employees be fired? Answer is no. Everyone working in the smartphone unit will be assigned to a home appliance factory in South Korea.

Ok, employees will not be victimized, but this company was putting a phone to the market. What will happen to the updates for these devices? Can the devices go under warranty? Sorry, but LG seems to have made a drastic decision on this matter. The company will not be able to offer any updates, and the authorized services and warranty units it finances will also be closed. At least this is the sensation we get.

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Users as well as the company itself suffer from this situation. The company, which has no chance against smart devices that cannot compete for price, has dragged such a sad ending. Who would have thought that this would have been the result when it was at the beginning 5 years ago?


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