LG, which is in the smartphone industry, put the last point in phone production today. The company withdrew from the phone business.


In the news we have been making for days, weeks and months, we talked about the money in the smartphone market. We talked about the sales figures of companies such as Xiaomi, Apple and Samsung. Companies did not call money money with their smartphones. In fact, the smartphone market has increased by 34 percent compared to last year. Some companies are launching their products in the smart watch market as well as the smartphone market. As such, the safes are filled with millions of dollars. Today LG company put an end to the smartphone industry. The company has withdrawn from the smartphone market and will now only produce home appliances.

We have come to the end of another era. One of the companies in the smartphone market has decided to take down the shutters. Despite losing so much blood, the Nokia company did not give up on the phone business and decided to throw another giant towel.

LG Shut Down

As you may recall, in the news we made at the beginning of April, we mentioned that the company is preparing to withdraw from the smartphone market. The company, which has lost a lot of blood in the last few years, started to make losses, not profits, in phone sales. In these days when we are halfway through 2021, the company made a vital decision and this decision became clear this morning. The company has decided to no longer manufacture phones and tablets. It was stated that in the continuation of this decision, which will make a loud noise in the technology world, the company will only produce household appliances.


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