LG Stylo series, which has been created as an affordable alternative to the Galaxy Note series, one of Samsung’s most popular series with upper segment hardware and has created a unique mass with its pen support for years, seems to continue its existence with the new Stylo 7 5G model. On the hardware side, those who cannot get close to the Galaxy Note; However, Stylo, which appeals to a close audience with its pen support, is naturally more moderate on the price side. So what does the new Stylo 7 5G promise? Here are the rendered images of the new model.


Stylo 7, the successor of the Stylo 6 model introduced in May of last year and which was featured in our news at the end of November, came with render images that will refute previous claims. The model, which we expect to have an interesting design in the news we made in November, will not be much different from today’s render images; However, sources say there will be two versions of the phone with support for 5G and 4G. This can make a difference in terms of design. You can see the Stylo 7 images released in November by clicking here.

According to the information revealed, the LG Stylo 7 5G, which will have dimensions of 170.4 x 77.2 x 8.8 mm, will come with a 6.8-inch perforated screen. Sources that do not reveal any information on the hardware side do not expect a high-level hardware like other Stylos on this device. Apart from that, the phone, which will be introduced with a triple camera setup on the back, will leave no question mark on the material with the glass cover.


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