LG supports the healthy lifestyles of its consumers with its state-of-the-art products and provides superior hygiene both for individuals and their living spaces.

The pandemic process we have experienced in the last year has once again reminded us of a fact that we always know but can sometimes ignore; The first thing we should care about and protect carefully is our health… All other life needs can be met when we have a healthy body and a healthy mind. In order to protect our health, the first step to be taken is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The basis of a healthy lifestyle is to ensure our personal and environmental hygiene, to consume fresh, clean and healthy foods and to move around. LG continues to support its consumers’ healthy lifestyles and offer them hygiene with its new generation products. While LG destroys 99.9 percent of bacteria with its washing machine, dryer and dishwasher, which is powered by the steam it receives from nature, the NatureFRESH refrigerator keeps food as fresh as the first day for a much longer period of time.

Cleaning Without Hard Chemicals
On the one hand, it ensures the hygiene of the clothes and kitchenware we use, on the other hand, using harsh chemicals, which are not recommended for human health, creates an important contradiction for those who care about healthy living. LG solves this problem with steam technology powered by nature. Washing machines and dryers with LG Steam (steam) technology provide a high level of hygiene, while eliminating 99.9% of allergens that cause allergies and respiratory problems. With the high heat and steam it provides, it destroys the bacteria hidden in the fabrics. LG TrueSteam-enabled dishwashers make use of the power of the steam, just like the washing machine and dryer, to ensure that kitchen utensils are washed spotless, sparkling and disinfected. LG’s natural and sanitary solution eliminates common household bacteria and when operated in the sanitation cycle, it eliminates 99.99 percent of bacteria, including those associated with food poisoning.

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Fresh Food, Healthy Life
LG supports fresh food consumption, another key to healthy life, with LG NatureFRESH refrigerators. LG NatureFRESH; It keeps the foods in the freshness and taste of the first day for a period of up to 7 days compared to conventional refrigerators.

“Dust-Free Houses with LG A9”
The new cordless vertical vacuum cleaner LG A9, on the other hand, can clean dust particles up to 2.5 microns thanks to its 5-stage air filtration system. In stages 1, 2 and 3, larger particles are collected in the dust chamber. In the 4th and 5th stages, finer dust is captured by filtering. Thus, it eliminates 99.9 percent of allergens that cause allergies and respiratory problems; consumers can enjoy their immaculate homes.

With the support of artificial intelligence technology and practical and comfortable use, LG’s white goods make it easier for all family members to participate in cleaning. LG, which offers its consumers a comfortable and quality life with its latest technological products, contributes to protecting their health with superior R&D studies.


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