LG, one of the technology manufacturers, will unveil the player monitor that can be used both curved and straight at the CES 2021 event, which will be held next week.

LG has decided not to wait for the start of CES 2021 to announce its bendable monitor. This large 48-inch OLED display is an improved version of last year’s 48-inch OLED display. But with a big difference.

The main difference between the new version and the previous version is the ability to give the screen a curved shape with a degree of curvature up to 1000R at the press of a button. This feature can provide users with a more in-depth gaming experience, and the monitor can optionally be flattened while watching movies or while working.

120Hz screen refresh rate
The sound phrase on the monitor, which is introduced as Bendable Sound OLED, of course has a meaning. The device uses Crystal Sound OLED technology, in which the panel itself is used as the sound source. To remind you, a similar technology is used in Sony OLED TVs.

According to official data, LG’s monitor has a screen response time of 0.1 ms and a screen refresh rate of 120Hz. Note that the screen also supports variable frequency technology from 40 to 120Hz. The resolution is not specified, but is likely to be 4K. LG will reveal more about its new product during CES 2021.

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