The webOS 6.0 operating system developed for LG brand smart TVs to be introduced in 2021 was introduced. Here’s what’s new with LG webOS 6.0.

The new version of LG’s smart TV operating system webOS, webOS 6.0, was introduced. webOS 6.0 will come to LG brand OLED, QNED Mini LED, NanoCell and UHD Smart TVs that will be introduced in 2021. It is unclear whether it will come as an update to older models.

With webOS 6.0, the home screen has been redesigned. It has a more modern look. With the new home screen, frequently used applications can be accessed more easily. The discovery of the recommended content based on the user’s viewing history becomes easier. The new home screen, displayed in full screen to show preferred content and related information at a glance, acts as a hub for settings and the larger webOS ecosystem. Widgets of applications and sponsored content will take place on the homepage.

Magic Explorer function of LG’s Magic Link has been improved. It offers informative content about the content shown on the screen. You can obtain information about the actors, venues and other interesting items in the TV series and movies you watch.

The feature called Next Choices offers new suggestions based on your viewing history. With the Next Elections feature, TV channel recommendations will be made as well as suggestions for TV series.

In addition to the change in LG webOS 6.0, the design of the Magic Remote has been renewed. New models will come with a new remote. The new remote also includes the NFC feature. Using the NFC feature, image and content will be shared between TV and phone with one touch. The new remote includes the buttons of Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + and Rokuten platforms. There are access buttons to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. With webOS 6.0, new voice commands will come to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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LG webOS will also be licensed to other manufacturers

LG webOS 6.0 will be used in new TVs that will be introduced in 2021. It is unclear whether it will come as an update to old TVs. To date, LG has failed to upgrade older TVs to the new webOS version. We hope this year will upgrade old TVs to new webOS. That’s all the information about webOS 6.0 so far. More information about web OS 6.0 will be shared and videos of webOS 6.0 will be published at the CES 2021 virtual fair to be held on January 11th.

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