LG’s indispensable operating system in smart TVs, webOS, is also licensed to other manufacturers. Many manufacturers have already applied for licensing.

The webOS platform developed by HP for smartphones and tablets was sold to LG in 2013 after the great disappointment. LG webOS started to come to life in televisions after that period.

Opening to third parties
Continuously developed webOS since 2014; It finds its place in LG’s smart TVs. Having managed to reach a wide audience, LG webOS will now be licensed to third-party manufacturers.

LG already supplies panels to many TV manufacturers and has partnerships. In this respect, the integration of the software platform will proceed easily. Thus, it will continue to expand its base against rivals such as Android TV, Fire TV and Samsung Tizen.

LG already states that companies Blaupunkt, RCA, Ayonz and Konka have applied for licensing. Currently licensed webOS version 5.0. This version, which has some complaints on the browser side, will be replaced by webOS 6.0 soon. The company states that the most developed version to date will be webOS 6.0.


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