LG is determined to sell iPhones in its stores. This agreement, which was shelved a while ago, looks like it will come into effect in August.


LG, which has been losing money from smartphone sales for decades, has decided to leave this market as a result. LG will officially withdraw from the smartphone market as of July 2021. Although LG will not manufacture or sell phones, it will continue to supply components to other competitors in this market. In fact, LG is looking for new profitable activities in this area. Since last month, there have been some developments that iPhone models will be available in LG stores in South Korea.

While LG and Apple agreed on this issue, LG announced that it temporarily suspended this plan on the grounds that some legal regulations and other small retailers in the country would be affected in the ongoing process. But one last development reports that LG’s passion for selling iPhones is reignited.

The latest developments are that LG will start selling iPhones in its stores with August. But before that, LG has some issues to resolve with South Korea’s National Mobile Communications Distribution Association. According to the agreement between the two, LG cannot sell phones from any competitor manufacturer in its own stores. But LG also thinks that it is no longer in the smartphone market and therefore the deal is no longer valid.

In fact, it’s a win-win relationship for both LG and Apple. LG wants to sell iPads, Apple Watch watches and AirPods headphones alongside iPhones in more than 400 stores in South Korea. Given the popularity of Apple products in South Korea, this development will mean more people visit LG stores. In a way, LG stores will turn into fake Apple Stores. MacBook solutions will not be available in stores as LG maintains its presence in the laptop market.


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