LG, which has been challenging lately and finds the solution to withdraw from the smartphone market, will continue to provide Android updates!


We are talking about a brand that has pioneered the current giant manufacturers by adding many new innovations to the smartphone industry. You know, despite having released the first touch screen phone, it was forgotten in a short time and even lost this title to Apple. Actually, even then, the business of this company was wrong. Looking back, despite all the things they tried, they could not recover. It is understood from here where the course will lead, where the road will end. Despite this, it is a brand that does not want to upset its users even though it has withdrawn from the smartphone market. Yes, LG will continue to provide Android updates to some of its devices.


Which Devices Will Receive LG Android Updates?

At the beginning of the week, the company, which officialized that it will no longer produce smartphones with the name LG, is giving some news to its users not to be upset. One of them is that it will still be sending updates to some of its devices. In his own words, devices that they see as “Premium” can receive Android updates 3 times! This list of premium devices includes the G and V series, the Velvet series and Wing model devices we have just heard of.

From the announcement covering the devices released after 2019, we understand that the LG G8 series, LG V50 and V60, all LG Velvet models (3 units) and LG Wing will receive the Android 13 update! In other words, we can say that Android 12 support will be offered to models such as LG Stylo 6, which we can see as a more intermediate level.

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LG's last bullet to announce that it will shut down its mobile division may be the V70: Here's the image.

We hope LG has managed to make its users happy enough with this new decision!


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