LG CNS, the IT (information technologies) arm of South Korean technology giant LG Corporation, announced that they are testing the digital currency payment system using face recognition at one of the company’s cafeterias today.

New service, according to the official announcement; It uses AI software to combine artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and blockchain technologies to recognize customers’ faces. After the client’s face is scanned, payments for the ordered food are calculated and made automatically using a pre-registered blockchain-based community currency.

Is The Future Of Paying Face Recognition?
The company believes that facial recognition payments are more convenient than smart tags or QR codes during the coronavirus outbreak because they can be used without any physical contact.

Currently, only one of the company’s offices is participating in the trial, but LG CNS plans to expand this service to more in-house cafeterias and shops.

In early April, LG CNS launched an AI-powered facial recognition access system at the entrance of the company’s Seoul center. According to the company, this system can recognize employees’ faces even under protective masks; at the same time, people who do not wear their masks may refuse entry.


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