Voice chat feature is coming to LinkedIn. Users will be able to speak to their communities by opening sound rooms. The software features of the sound room will be similar to Clubhouse.

Clubhouse, which gained serious popularity in February and March, changed the shape of social media. It turned out that while normally written and visual content is shared, social interaction can only be made on sound. Various seminars, meetings, launches and entertainment programs have moved to the Clubhouse.

Having come a long way in a short time, Clubhouse also affected rival social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok platforms announced that they would add a Clubhouse-like voice room feature. Now the future of the voice room feature has emerged on the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn officials confirmed this development and shared a screenshot.

This feature will be added to the LinkedIn app on Android and iOS platforms. Clubhouse was only available on the iOS platform. LinkedIn aims to attract users to its platform before Clubhouse’s Android app launches. In addition, fake users in Clubhouse collect followers by imitating the voices of celebrities. LinkedIn confirms famous users with a blue tick. For this reason, he states that it will be a more secure platform.

It has not yet been announced when LinkedIn’s voice chat feature will be available. It is stated that beta tests will begin soon.


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