The community responsible for the development of Linux Mint has announced that the stable ISO of version 20 of the operating system, called “Ulyana”, is ready. The new OS, therefore, is expected to be released soon.

When it comes to Linux systems, the first name that comes to most users’ minds is Ubuntu. However, there are hundreds of Linux distributions around the world and, currently, according to the accesses cataloged by the DistroWatch website, Mint is the third most used Linux in the world, being just ahead of Ubuntu, which is in fourth place.

For many users, Mint is easier to use than Ubuntu, because it brings configuration tools that are missing from the Canonical system. The Cinnamon interface, developed by the same team responsible for Mint, is also considered one of the most beautiful, light and efficient in the Linux world.

What’s new in Linux Mint 20 Ulyana

In addition to the Cinnamon interface, Mint is also offered with the Xfce and MATE interfaces. Each version of the system has its own ISO. Mint 20 Ulyana will be the replacement for Mint 19.3 Tricia and will bring the following news:

  • Linux 5.4 kernel, with state-of-the-art hardware support
  • Inclusion of the local file transfer tool Warpinator
  • LibreOffice 6.4
  • Addition of new wallpapers from the Ulyana generation
  • HiDPI support for system tray icons
  • Cinnamon 4.6 with better support for multiple monitors
  • Better support for NVIDIA Optimus

Curious nomenclature

A curiosity about the Linux Mint is in relation to the nomenclature of the system: all versions are given names of women, where, in each version, the name must begin with a letter obeying the alphabetical order, and always ending with the letter A. way, we had Mint 1.0 Ada, Mint 2.0 Barbara, Mint 3.0 Cassandra, and so on.

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Those who already want to download the stable version of Mint 20, can download it through the mirror repository by clicking here.


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