Lisa from BLACKPINK will be BVLGARI’s corporate ambassador.

BVLGARI has revealed that it will work with Lisa from BLACKPINK in the following statement:

We chose Lisa as our official brand ambassador because we believe that her bold and unrivaled performances and her modern and modern image as a fashion icon go well with our brand identity.

Check out the photos below:

Take a look at the fan comments below:

But aren’t the stylists the ones who dress the girls? The most we’ve seen of her style is airport fashion.

She’s not pulling commercials out of YG’s good heart, she’s raking them because she’s the world’s most famous Kpop idol and the sixth most influential female IG music overall. Celine, Prada and Bulgari chose it, definitely not YG .. …

Congratulations, 블랙 핑크 리사 !!! You deserve all the blessings you have right now. Keep shining, queen ✨❤️

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