The Billie Eilish song “No Time To Die” by Bond has been given a unique twist, after a YouTube user covered it in the style of Chris Cornell’s own bond effort.

In the latest video by YouTube star Anthony Vincent, he presents Eilish’s effort with all the “You Know My Name” enthusiast, which Cornell recorded for the famous “Casino Royale” of 2006.

While providing his own version of Cornell’s distinctive voices, Vincent demonstrates that the late Soundgarden leader would have provided an impressive version of the song, as his interpretation stands firm against Eilish’s.

“One of my favorite Bond songs is Chris Cornell’s You Know My Name,” said Anthony. “I really like No Time To Die, and I was curious to see if it would work in Chris’s style. Here is the result. ”

Billie Eilish is the most listened to youth singer today and currently has many Grammy awards.


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