The effect of Bitcoin continues unabated. Litecoin (LTC), one of the leading altcoins, is just one of the coins that take advantage of this opportunity.

Litecoin gained almost 21% in value during the day and managed to reach the $ 158 band. Although LTC has witnessed increases in a turbulent course in recent months, it reached these levels in March 2020.

When looking at the last 24-hour index, it is seen that Litcoin has exceeded the level of 157 from $ 131. With this increase, the LTC volume is more than $ 10 billion and still maintains its 4th place in the market.

Litecoin has seen satisfactory increases in the past week. He continued this week with an increase of almost 14% in total. For now, Litecoin seems to continue to accelerate even though it has experienced a slight decline and is trading at $ 152.60.


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