The ‘Knowing Brother’ cast, Kang Ho Dong and friends were amazed by the dance performance of the well-known little dancer Na Ha Eun who was one of the guest stars.

On the latest episode of the JTBC program which aired Saturday (02/05) last night, Na Ha Eun was also invited along with other young stars Kim Tae Yeon, Hong Jam Eon, and Hong Hwa Chul.

The little dancer who is famous through the dance cover on his YouTube channel ‘Awesome Haeun’ which now has 4.3 subscribers introduces himself as ‘Dance Machine’.

In her appearance in this episode, Ha Eun proved her dance skills by dancing various dances from well-known groups, ranging from ‘ON’ BTS, ‘Psyco’ Red Velvet, ‘SISTAR’ Shake It ‘,’ Any Song ‘Zico to’ The Dance in the Rhythm ‘Kim Wan Sun who was popular in 1987.

Immediately see Na Ha Eun’s dance performance in the following video clips!


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