One of the most ambitious indies in recent years resuscitates after disappearing in 2017 and he does it looking better than ever and with a new trailer.

Originally announced in 2015, Little Devil Inside is one of those indies that hasn’t had an easy time. That’s why we were so happy to see that he had risen during the official presentation of PlayStation 5, in which he showed a new trailer and announced his future arrival on PS5, PS4 and PC. The game is an ambitious project packed with action and RPG and survival elements. In it, we will have to learn to survive in a “semi-open” world that is full of biomes, monsters and threats. A kind of “alternative Europe” in which myths and legends flourish. We will be an adventurer who travels the same to write a bestiary and do his own university research, which will lead us to face the danger again and again.

Little Devil Inside was financed in 2015 through kickstarter, but its development had many problems and in 2017 it disappeared without a trace. It seems that Sony has had something to do with its return, since its developer, the Neostream studio, has wanted to thank the company for the support and has assured that only thanks to PS5 will they be able to offer what they had proposed. Along the way have been the versions planned for consoles such as Xbox One or even Wii U. The game not only wants to stand out for its aesthetics, which also, but also always attracted attention for the daring and ambitious of its proposal, which had nothing to do with the budgets he handled. On more than one occasion, its creators have spoken about the enormous number of creatures and places there will be, and they have assured that it will last between 20 and 100 hours depending on the number of secondary missions that we want to do.

The new games for PS5

But Little Devil Inside is just one of more than 20 games that were announced during the PS5 event, where we’ve had a little bit of everything. From the return of major franchises, such as Resident Evil 8 and Hitman 3, to the appearance of more humble and no less interesting projects. Are the cases of Goodbye Volcano High, Destruction AllStars or Stray, which is … a cyberpunk cat simulator? All this accompanied by the final design of PS5 (with a digital only model) and more than 14 exclusive games for the console, which will arrive at the end of this same 2020.


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