The new generation Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini and RoomMate add a different dimension to the hybrid working model.



Inspiring the industry with life-facilitating technologies and creative designs, Logitech raises the bar in video conferencing systems with its new generation products and PC-based solution portfolio that work in harmony with today’s leading video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Logitech brings speed and efficiency to a new dimension in the business world with the Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini and RoomMate models designed for meeting rooms of different sizes.

While video conferencing solutions continue to be an integral part of almost every organization’s business processes in today’s business world, Logitech’s new generation product portfolio sets a new example for flexible meeting room solutions. The new Logitech Rally Bar, designed specifically for medium-sized meeting rooms, and the Logitech Rally Bar Mini, designed for small rooms, transform meetings with an all-in-one design that includes cinema-quality images and crisp, clear sound. Complementing the large meeting rooms, the new Logitech RoomMate stands out with its feature that allows users to run a video conference system on Logitech’s cameras such as Rally Plus, without a PC or Mac. Logitech’s new generation video conferencing solutions significantly facilitate the installation, management and use of video conferencing equipment for users to have better meetings in today’s mixed and rapidly evolving work environments.


Logitech’s talking about the new generation of video conferencing solutions, Logitech Turkey and Central Asia Marketing Manager Birol Leech, “Logitech has that knowledge and technological investments for decades, remains, focusing on always consumer expectations, accessible and strive to provide superior quality products. Video conferencing systems, which increase speed and efficiency in the business world, nowadays not only change the way of doing business, but also positively affect employee happiness and motivation. The aim of Logitech is to contribute to this globally changing business culture, organizations of all sizes, with low-cost products that are easy to use with superior technology, increase productivity. We believe that we will further our success in this field with our new generation video conferencing product portfolio. said.

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Main features of Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini:

Excellent lenses with resolution up to 4K: It has smooth motorized horizontal and vertical scrolling and high resolution lens structure that makes you feel like talking face to face with anyone from anywhere.
High sound quality: Thanks to advanced audio engineering, the same quality sound transmission to every point of the room, with crystal clear sound transmitted to ultra-low distortion speakers, in both video conferencing solutions provides room-filling sound. An adaptive beamforming microphone array picks up sounds from every seat with exceptional speech clarity, automatically balances louder and softer sounds by focusing on the active speaker, and suppresses unwanted noise. In addition, a patented anti-vibration suspension system minimizes speaker vibrations from walls, tables or tables, ensuring exceptionally clear sound in both directions.
Striking design: The Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini feature sleek, rounded edges for a sleek, minimalist look. Featuring recycled polyester fabric in the speakers, both devices are designed in graphite or white color versions to perfectly complement the aesthetics of modern meeting rooms.
Super smart with built-in AI: Both video conferencing systems are equipped with Logitech RightSense technology and AI Viewfinder, a second camera dedicated to computer vision. The camera detects human figures in real time and increases the precision of automatic framing and camera control thanks to Logitech RightSight.
Extremely simple to set up, manage and monitor: The Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini have exceptional cable management and flexible mounting options that go beyond a versatile, all-in-one design with low carbon footprint, simple and secure installation. You can easily watch and manage video bars from a single platform by completing setup in minutes right out of the box and using Logitech Sync or your preferred device management dashboard. In addition, you can get insights on how your conference rooms are used by measuring the number of people, especially in mixed offices, where meeting room capacity is important.


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