Logitech Scribe offers an enhanced screen sharing experience, ensuring that anyone using their laptop or meeting room screen at home is in the front seat.

During the past year, the public, private sector and even the education sector quickly adopted the hybrid working system and started to reshape the working life in this direction. In this process, Logitech continues to offer new solutions to new needs in order to make people experience face-to-face meetings online. In this context, Logitech introduced Logitech Scribe, an artificial intelligence-supported whiteboard camera developed in order to enable participants in meetings and classrooms to access information equally. Working in harmony with leading services such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, Logitech Scribe projects whiteboard content into incredibly clear video meetings, giving all participants an experience almost as if they were in the same room.

From meeting rooms to classrooms, Logitech Scribe makes learning, brainstorming, and team meetings more productive thanks to its ease of use and practical design, in this period when hybrid working and learning life is becoming more common. Encouraging working in groups or generating ideas, Logitech Scribe allows everyone in the room to have a perfect view of the board online.

Integrated with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms, Logitech Scribe offers an effortless experience with easy setup and use. In-room attendees can quickly share whiteboard content in video meetings at the touch of a button by pressing the Logitech Scribe’s wireless button or by tapping the meeting room touch controller such as the Logitech Tap. Although the wireless key only works with Zoom Rooms for now, Teams Rooms support will also be available as soon as possible. Logitech Scribe also works as a USB content camera with almost any video conferencing application, giving you the flexibility to use it in meeting rooms, classrooms and even home offices.

“We continue to work meticulously to improve the high-quality audio and video chat experience in both meeting rooms and desktops,” said Scott Wharton, General Manager and Vice President of Logitech Video Collaboration Category. In this process, we noticed that there was a gap in integrating non-digital content such as whiteboards or post-it into virtual meetings. Logitech Scribe integrates these habits, which are extremely useful for us in physical life, into video conferencing systems. Logitech Scribe aims to make life easier for users by working in harmony with today’s most popular cloud services such as Teams and Zoom, and to offer the video conferencing experience close to face-to-face experience. ”

Scribe, a dedicated whiteboard camera from Logitech that provides online meeting attendees with a clear, real-time view of the whiteboard, performs flawlessly on dry-erase surfaces up to 120x180cm. Using the built-in artificial intelligence system, Logitech Scribe can make the presenter transparent so that users can see the whiteboard without any obstacles, or automatically enhances the color of the markers for easier reading of the content. Scribe is even capable of detecting other non-digital content such as post-it, a favorite tool for collaborative sessions.

With its clean wall-mounted design and meticulous cable management, the Logitech Scribe fits modernly into any modern office or classroom. The product comes with everything needed to get it up and running quickly. Included in the box is a wireless share button with the whiteboard camera, mounting components, power supply, and category cables for distribution at scale.


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