There have been some urban legends in the smartphone market that have evolved over time. One of them was the under-screen fingerprint sensor. As you know, this has become a feature that has been used in smartphones for a long time. In fact, this is a feature we see in middle segment phones. However, another urban legend was under-screen cameras. OPPO became the industry pioneer in this regard. OPPO showed us this technology with a working structure 2 years ago. Last year, this urban legend became a reality in the ZTE Axon 20 5G model. South Korean manufacturer Samsung is one of the manufacturers that developed under-display camera technology.



A patent that has emerged today shows us that Samsung will use this technology not only on phones but also on televisions. Because in the patent application, Samsung seems to have succeeded in putting this camera technology behind the panel. At least in theory …

All mobile market expects cameras placed under the screen from manufacturers. Yes, ZTE currently uses this technology, but it can use this technology by reducing the pixels at that point of the camera. However, what we want is that this technology can be used without any pixel loss.

This is what a giant manufacturer like Samsung has to deal with. Not by taking chargers and headphones out of phones. Not using last year’s equipment this year. It should be able to offer 135W fast charging feature as “fast charging” in phones, not 25W.


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