Good news for fans of ‘Love Playlist’, because this popular web drama will be made into the latest version.

Based on a report on Monday (6/29), the web drama ‘Love Playlist’ will be regenerated with the new title ‘Dear M: Love Playlist 2021’.

‘Love Playlist’ is a popular web drama that tells about students and life on campus. The first season of this web drama aired in 2017 and to date has aired a total of 4 seasons.

Media JoyNews24 said, “‘ Dear M: Love Playlist 2021 ’was produced by Monster Union and Playlist. This drama will air on Naver and is being discussed for airing on KBS. ”

The report also mentioned that the two original casts, Bae Hyun Sung and Kim Sae Ron, will return to being cast in the latest version. Bae Hyun Sung is known to star in the third and fourth seasons, while Kim Sae Ron in the fourth season.

Responding to the report, the Playlist production house said, “We are not preparing for the fifth season of ‘Love Playlist’, but a new drama that is expanding the world of ‘Love Playlist’. Nothing has been confirmed regarding the broadcast on KBS. ”

Regarding the cast they also said, “There is still no stipulation regarding the cast. The drama is still in the planning stages, “they concluded.


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