Fans of the Lucifer television series have been on a roller coaster with the series since it began, after being canceled by FOX with its third season, the series was saved by the Netflix streaming service to resume season 4 and Then a final season 5.

For that reason, it surprised many when it was reported earlier this month that Netflix and Warner Bros. Television are in talks for a sixth season of the TV series.

When a Lucifer fan asked for an update, the site revealed that negotiations are ongoing and that both WBTV and Netflix “seem optimistic that a renewal agreement will be finalized.” In addition, they report that the new season could have between 10 and 13 chapters.

If Lucifer will return for a sixth season, that will mean that his life on Netflix will be as long as when it was aired on FOX. The series was previously broadcast three seasons on the television network before being canceled.

Currently they are talking about the realization of season 6.


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