Lumia 950 XL News: Microsoft’s 6th anniversary Lumia 950 XL phone was caught on camera while running the Windows 11 operating system. Here are the details.


After Microsoft bought the mobile division of Nokia, it insisted on the Windows Mobile operating system and was unsuccessful and withdrawn from the phone industry. Unsuccessful in the Steve Ballmer era, the company came up with the Lumia 950 XL model in this process and intimidated its competitors with its camera. However, although the camera was the best in its era, Android and iPhone phones undermined the sales of this phone and were forgotten. Today, interesting news has emerged for the phone, which has entered its 6th year.

Lumia 950 XL runs Windows 11 stably!

As you know, the software giant recently came out with the Windows 11 operating system. Making very solid investments for ARM, Microsoft also offered the preview version of the new operating system for sale. After the beta version of Windows 11 was released, the developers rolled up their sleeves for the phone, which has already taken its place on the dusty shelves of history.

The developer team managed to install Windows 11 on the Lumia 950 XL, which comes with Windows Mobile base. The developers, who also published a video to prove this, state that Windows 11 is running stably, although naturally a little slow. Of course, after applying these processes, all phone features of the phone are gone and it turns into a mini PC.

It’s hard to predict whether Microsoft will return to the phone business. The company, which also failed with the Android-powered Surface Duo, will likely continue to produce software for Android and iOS. However, the operation of Windows 11 even on a 6-year-old phone may pave the way for mini PCs to become a hit again in the coming years. Let’s see if the mini PC segment will be reborn from the ashes with Windows 11.


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