Luna some time ago surprised fans with her Instagram posts.

Member of the girl group f (x), who has resigned from her old agency, SM Entertainment since September 2019, has just made a post on Instagram, showing an audio file titled ‘Luna Medium DEMO Take 3’ and writing her self-report.

Through the caption column, she wrote,

“I’m really in a bad mood today …
Why am I hurt and having difficulty ..
People who use me, double-faced people.
Don’t talk behind my back, just say it in front of me
Is that very difficult …
I’m sick of being hurt by people.
I want to quickly release my album
I want to quickly share the valuable songs that I made myself with you. ”


In addition to uploading posts, Luna also played a few snippets of the demo song to fans through Instagram Stories.

She also wrote, “My friend, my dongsaeng, that I miss,” expressed his longing for younger friends and younger siblings.

Meanwhile, Luna has now signed a contract and is under the auspices of the Humap Contents agency.


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