Asus has developed a system that makes installing M.2 SSDs on motherboards even easier.Asus stated that M.2 SSDs can be installed more comfortably in its new generation motherboards.

The manufacturer, who recently posted a video on its official Twitter account, states that it eliminated the small screws in the M.2 SSD slot.

Saying that it has switched to a system called “Q-Lach” instead, Asus says that M.2 SSDs can be assembled without a screwdriver. As you know, mounting of M.2 SSDs can be a bit difficult for users due to small screws.

The company that listens to the feedback from users solves this problem with a very simple method. Thanks to the newly developed system, small screws are replaced by latches made of plastic. These latches can be easily tightened by hand, as you can see in the video below. Thus, users can mount the M.2 SSD drive to the motherboard easily and quickly without the help of a screwdriver.

Finally, let’s note that this system can be seen in the Z590 motherboards that will be released soon.

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