The new Mac mini, which uses an ARM-based Apple M1 processor, is now on the agenda with the pink square problem.

M1 Mac mini models announced by Apple in November 2020 are experiencing a problem known as the pink square. The problem is stated to occur when the new Mac mini is connected to a display via HDMI instead of Thunderbolt.

It is among the information that the problem in the Apple M1 processor model, which promises 3 times more processor speed than the previous generation, support for 6K displays, 6 times GPU performance and 15 times machine learning performance, is within the knowledge of Apple and is being investigated.

It should be noted that more than one topic is opened on the company’s forums. In fact, there are more than 500 users who share the same problem in a single message. The user shares that he turned his device on and noticed little pink squares moving around my monitor. It also says that when I open a folder or right click on something they change position. When he changed the stock wallpapers, they disappeared. Also, the user underlines that he changed the HDMI cable because he used this HDMI cable with other devices without any problems.

The reason for this problem in the new Mac mini is not yet known. The recommended steps for now are listed as follows:

Put your Mac mini to sleep
Wait 2 minutes and wake up the Mac mini
Remove the screen from the Mac mini and then plug the screen back in
Adjust the resolution of the screen in System Preferences> Displays
Let’s see when will Apple share details about the problem and find a solution …

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