Apple plans to add keys with LED displays to its MacBook keyboards. The patent-pending system will allow you to create a dynamic keyboard layout.

In today’s keyboards, the keys are fixed and functions are assigned according to the letters or terms on them. Even though some functions of the keys change from time to time, they have to stick labels because the terms on them do not change.

Dynamic MacBook keyboard
To put an end to this tradition, Apple started using a dynamic OLED bar called the Touch Bar. Thus, touch keypads that could be changed according to the application were offered.

All the keys of different initiatives are covered with an LCD screen and come up when he works on concepts that can be changed with software. In addition, some brands such as Razer have keyboards with partial dynamic keys. Apple may also equip MacBook keyboards with LCD screens in the near future.

In the new technology applied for patent, it is seen that there are LED screens on the keys on the MacBook keyboard. With the software, a completely different keyboard layout can be obtained by changing the labels on these screens. If necessary, a dynamic system that changes automatically according to the application can be set up.

Patented for MacBook keyboards and Mac wireless keyboards. However, it is a matter of curiosity how to integrate dynamic keyboards with high energy consumption and costs into the Mac family.


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