The MacBook Pro series, in which Apple suddenly removed the SD card reader, may have its old friend this year. Like MagSafe, the card reader is getting ready to show up again.

Apple is preparing to renew the iMac design after a long time, on the other hand, plans to make important touches to the MacBook Pro series. Old ports may return, especially on the connection side.

SD card era in MacBook Pro
Ming-chi Kuo, an analyst known for his proximity to Apple, wrote in his expectation report that there would be significant changes in the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. The most important of these was the removal of the Touch Bar screen and return to the traditional design.

On the other hand, it was stated that a flat design free of curvature like in the iPhone 12 series. It was also stated that the MagSafe magnetic connection concept will return to the MacBook Pro series.

A new development is that the SD card reader will come back on MacBook Pro models. Apple seems to have changed its decision, which has not included SD card readers since 2016. Thanks to the SD card reader, data can be easily transferred from the camera without using any adapter.

It is known that the majority of MacBook Pro users are professionals and content producers, but the SD card move made this audience a little offended. Apple may regain its audience this year.

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