Sony recently announced that it will collect its movies based on characters in Marvel comics under the Sony Pictures Universe, and rolled up its sleeves for the first solo female superhero movie. The studio allegedly agreed with the famous television director SJ Clarkson for his adaptation based on the Madame Web character.

Sony Pictures, which owns the intellectual property rights of the Spider-Man universe, has been building its own cinematic universe for some time. The studio, which will gather the films that will take place in the same narrative world in the ecosystem named as the Sony Pictures Universe, promises to develop films that will attract Spider-Man fans, although it is a bit disappointing with the name selection.

Sony, who started to knit the first bricks of his cinematic universe with Venom, who was released in 2018, plans to expand his universe with Venom 2 and Morbius, which will meet the audience in 2021. As you know, both films would be released this year, but the coronavirus pandemic led to a one-year delay in screening dates.

Sony Pictures Universe will expand even further with Venom 2 and Morbius
The company, which wants to make use of the universe, which is very rich in terms of both character and story, like Spider-Man, plans to make a movie for Madame Web character. According to Variety, the center of the claim, British television director SJ Clarkson, who we know from popular series like Dexter, Jessica Jones and Collateral, was chosen for the first solo female superhero movie under the Sony Pictures Universe.

Although the character in the center has not yet been confirmed, information from sources close to the studio suggests that the movie in question will be based on the Madame Web character. The first news that Sony would develop a movie based on the Madame Web came out in September of last year.

Madame Web may be Sony’s first female-leading superhero movie
Variety says that the studio has not yet signed a screenwriter, although the film was alleged to be written by Morbius’s screenwriters Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Although actresses such as Charlize Theron and Amy Adams are mentioned for the lead role, it is not clear who will portray the character for now.

The Madame Web character, which appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man # 210, which was released for the first time in November 1980, was depicted as an elderly character in the comics. Madame Web, which is connected to a spider web life support unit because it has a chronic illness that prevents it from breathing and moving, was the mentor of Spider-Man thanks to its psychic abilities, although it did not actively fight enemies due to its physical condition.


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